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Hi my name is Tori but you can call me Devs. I'm 18 years old and I want to go to Art school to become an animator. I love anime <33333

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Meine Prinzessin aufwachen .. ~ die Mitternachts Stunde geschlagen hat .. ~ Zeit für die Magie .. ~

Cecil Zanik & Luna Regius Zanik.

Dorks for Life :heart: :icon2devils: :iconjessiiroo:



Mon Mar 2, 2015, 3:50 AM
My baby Kari keeps loosing her home

and i love playing her with people too much to just not.. put her anywhere

Komomoapps by 2devils
I was stupid when i made this app because i didn't know i'd been accepted with her and then put her in another group thinking otherwise.

Kariapp Sirius by 2devils
This was the group i put her in after the one above thinking i'd not been accepted. so i kept her here since it was for mythological creatures and such.. but the group sadly closed.

Karita Okumatta app by 2devils
ii don't even know what happened to this group. I was looking through all my groups i was in today and noticed Okumatta wasn't one of them. i first thought maybe i just never was a member?.. so i checked and turns out group doesn't exist anymore. did i miss something?...

Anyway.. i wanna find a group for my poor Nekomata, Kari...

The things i'm mostly looking for is that she could live mostly anywhere in the area -most preferred being a mountain since she loves mountains-

And that the group is more  town type rp group. Like where each character has a job of sorts and such.

Anothing thing is that i'd want her to be able to be around humans and other yokai/ creatures?..

anyone got any ideas?..

Idea List:


<3I love you guys and you're all amazing babies. I just wanna cuddle you all day every day <3 CHECK OUT THEIR ART ITS AMAZING LIKE THEM
Jessi my anime husbando :iconjessiiroo: Find your spark by SpaceyJessi
Nix :iconscelestanix:
Rainbow Scout by ScelestaNix
Mist :iconmissmistymoo:
Hair by MissMistyMoo


ONTO- ONOT doodle by MissMistyMoo

Lucil-I dont know for sure by SpaceyJessi

Blind Sir and Sunshine


Cata & Agres- Agres n catalina by MissMistyMoo

Flower Kids- Beeeee! by 2devils

CuttleBird- Something Old I Finally finished by RosyAutumn

Jessicho- Dangerous Love by SpaceyJessi

TnT (IM DINOMIGHT)- Only For You by 2devils


Thank you for the watches and faves! I love you all :heart:

I have this weird feeling of dread 

3 deviants said so why do i feel like i'm going to be sick?..
2 deviants said bleh..
1 deviant said i don't know why...
1 deviant said but it's so minor it shouldn't be an issue
No deviants said ok i do


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iEatIdiots Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ayyyyy so I heard that you were making the next Enchantress Princess from the Lily and the Lion which is awesome since I have a daughter of the evil/villainous princess from the Singing Springing Lark. And since the two are variations of the same tale, would you be interested in making the two buddies or maybe distant relatives because it'll be neat seeing two princesses with very similar destinies interacting!!
2devils Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student
eh? Oh for AfterEverAfter?
yes i did make the Enchantress
and sure i wouldn't mind having them be distant relatives o w o or buddies whichever you prefer i suppose?

i would love to see them interact though as i'm sure they'll be very different XD
iEatIdiots Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It would be awesome having them as distant relatives because it'll be interesting since Pythia's parents are both really distant from their extended families, so they would have probably shielded her from any knowledge about them. She would probably be like "WHOA NEW POTENTIAL FRIEND" and try to get the next Enchantress to open up about their life or something, which would be really interesting to see.

Here's her profile, by the way (, and I can't wait to see yours!
2devils Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student
oh! that would be really cool actually haha

AEAH: Dracen
 this is my character's profile i suppose? she's for a group and such but i'd honestly be happy to have them meet eachother
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PrinceS0L Featured By Owner 1 day ago
2devils Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student

naw man like only one more is waiting for an app from me
mortuii Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you so much for the watch! It means a lot to me! :love:
Thank you for the watch! I'm very happy, may my weirdness not scare you away... - u -
2devils Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Student
welcome! -w- and naww no weirdness could scare me haha
May this be the start of a wonderfully weird friendship!
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