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December 17, 2013
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Creamery App-Ashlynn by 2devils Creamery App-Ashlynn by 2devils

Birth Name:  Ashlynn Caitlynn Franz

Nick Names: Ash, Lynn, Caite (Kaite), Little Red, China Doll

Company Name:  Sweet Little Red

D/O/B and Location: May 19th 1989, New York, NY

Age: 22 years old

Branch: Sprinkle~

Flavour: Watermelon

Appearance: With that red red hair it’s pretty easy to not see the rest of her features, like her purple-blue eyes and “beauty mark” on the left side of her mouth. She has an hourglass shaped figure but has a bit more of a heavy bottom. Due to lack of actual labor she is not even close to being able to do much manual work. She’s sadly a short girl with being only 5’2 at her age, as well as being about 170 pounds, making her a bit more chubby in “all the right places” according to her. She is in love with Lolita fashion, and will often be seen wearing different kinds of Lolita dresses (her favs include: Wa, Li, Gothic, Classical, Hime, Kuro, Shiro, and Cosplay)

Personality: Being rich has come with a bit of a price, she never really learned to talk to people, or well the “common people” she tends to talk more properly but will throw in some words she’s learned from the time she’s already spent with people from the streets. She’s usually not that bubbly as her appearance would suggest but is definitely more concerned with other people much more then herself, often getting dirty in order to help, even if she seems rather stuck up at times. She's sassy and a smart ass but does have a very good hold and filter on it She tends to try and be more introverted when there is something extremely stressing going on, and will be even more introverted the more stressed out she becomes and will in the worst case scenario just not talk at all. 

Special: She can perform almost an Opera-like voice, as well being able to sing in almost any key very easily (high or lower and still managing to be able to sound lovely and captivating), she also somehow she manages to make her voice gain accents with the types of songs (country songs get a bit of a southern accent, other languages receive their own language’s accent to help pronounce the words correctly) and is quite fluent in a good number of languages.


-Lolita Dresses (any kind)

-Her brobro Camren



-Lovely Hot Summer Days

-Ice cream

-Operas and Broadway Plays




-Sweet foods (naturally (fruit) and unnaturally sweet (candies))

-Making up stories of where her parents are/what happened to them

-little scribbles she makes in a notebook of doodles (that she carries around)


-Heavy Lifting

-Her brother Hurt

-Sudden Pressure

-Pain of any kind

-that empty feeling of being alone

-Anxiety attacks she can get at times

-privacy being invaded


Back-story: Born in the Uptown of New York, born into the life of wealth. Her father and mother were very high up on the social ladder. But because of this, Ashlynn and her brother were usually alone. Growing up, they raised each other, went to the park, and walked the streets of New York alone...with a bodyguard closely behind of course. Every weekend she and her brother would go out to Broadway, where she learned that she loved to sing. Granted, she  was much better than her brother, so while he practiced guitar and piano she’d sing along.

The two started to perform together and little by little they grew more and more talented. Ashylnn went to New Your University with her brother, but ultimately was unable to really find her own path and followed Camren’s lead with majoring in Cinema Studies. But took some summer and night classes at Manhattan School of Music, majoring in Voice programs. When she realized eventually she’d have to get an actual job she was confused on where to get enough experience to even try for Broadway So when she found that her brother was working for Creamery, she once again hopped on the “Follow the big brother” train and tried out for a Sprinkle position!


Ashlynn suffers from anxiety attacks and at times will not let anyone except her brother touch her.

She also has moments of silence where she just won’t talk, she doesn’t have much of a reason for it except that it helps her concentrate with various things, as well as keeping her voice from breaking from overuse.

in her moments of silence she tends to pick up the strange and creepy habit of watching people work. when she was younger it had alot of neighbors concerned when the little girl was staring out her window watching them through their windows.

Over the time of her being age 6 to present day she has been learning countless languages including, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

She has been called China Doll from one time when she was younger that she dressed up in a Lolita dress and was thought to actually be a life sized china doll by one of the neighbors.

She actually has many many different dresses she will wear depending on the songs she is singing that day. (this will be updated when i have all the outfits drawn and colored i'm sorry it's not done right now)

She is ALWAYS the last one to sing, as when everyone has left she and her brother will sing to each other while he cleans (she helps sometimes in the cleaning but she mostly just performs for the entertainment of the people who work so hard to clean up the place)

she LOVES animals and will climb the tallest building if that means she can get one safe from harm

she tends to be seen carrying stuffed animals (it depends on the day) around backstage as well (it calms her down alot when she has a stuffed animal to hold)


Music voice: (it's really the same as her normal voice but singing is fun~)……………………




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Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Caleb: //looks// Hm, you've got some style lil lady. Your hair is nice too, but that green is just a no. //shakes his head//

((Hey darling! I love you chara, she's so cute! And excuse my Caleb babe he's a mean ass))
2devils Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student
(gasp hello! thank you very much! and shh it's fine~ Caleb be a cutie~)

Ashlynn: *gasps and covers her mouth* the green is perfect! you should not judge my clothes sir. *crosses her arms* .....but i do thank you for the compliment on my style and hair.
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Caleb: //smirks// No problem. //frowns// But honestly, green? Green is such a dreadful color. You'd do good with a soft spalsh of yellow or some deep, royale blue...
2devils Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student
Ashlynn: well i am sorry it does not go with my theme of natural GREEN colors. to go with the beanie i have. i have countless others but i decided to wear this one because it is cute and i like it.
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Caleb: I'll fix you up, lil lady. Don't worry let caleb work his magic //blows kiss
2devils Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student
Ashlynn: *rolls her eyes and waves her hand* fine fine "work your magic"..~
Lemonthrower Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Caleb: //grins// Not now, darlin. Maybe later. //pats her on the back// What's your name?
2devils Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student
Ashlynn: *soft smile while continuing to wave her hand* fine fine later *performs a cute little curtsy* Ashlynn Caitlynn Franz, sir. Your name~?
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evanescentlachrymose Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

my chara emmeline is a ballet dancer *u*

she's super cute can't wait to rp bae~
2devils Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student
:D Ash took lessons when she was younger
really loves ballet~

:3 thankies
i can't wait to rp with you too~
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