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January 2, 2010
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Now the sun was right above Sonic and everyone elts.
"Hey! Amy!" Sonic said from behind her. Amy turned around to See Sonic wobbly skating over to her "I think I got the hang of it!"
"Great!" Amy said turning around and skating next to Sonic.
"Hey! Sonic!" Tails shouted skating over, "You're actually skating! And your doing better than Knuckles!" Tails pointed at the red echidna, who had fallen over and was now upside down on his head, but still skating. Sonic just laughed
"I am defiantly doing better than Knuckles!" Sonic laughed, "I'm right side up!"    Tails and Amy then started laughing as Knuckles was trying to get right side up but kept slipping on the frozen water and was stuck like that. Shadow had gone to sit and watch everyone fall, and Metal Sonic was skating around when he saw something flash red.
Metal sonic can't talk because the last battle against Sonic had broken his speaker box so now he can only talk with electrical noises. (But I will translate what he's saying) Metal skated over to the flashing red light.
"Hmm?" Metal asked tilting his head in confusion. He then scanned were the light was coming from, it turned out the light was coming from an egg-bomb that just now reached 00:00. Metal's eyes became little dots realizing what that meant.
"Sh-!" Metal Shouted as the bomb exploded causing Metal to fly up in the air by the water. The bomb also made all the ice crack and break apart. Sonic  was holding Amy to keep her from falling in the ice cold water. Now the explosion stopped and Metal fell into the water.
Metal looked around not knowing what just happened. Then he saw something, a dark blue thing swimming in the freezing water.
second page! :)
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wow what is in the water?
2devils Jan 10, 2010  Student
uh... wait for the next one?
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